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Jesteśmy jednym z największych i najnowocześniejszych zakładów w Europie
produkujących płyny nikotynowe do e-papierosów.

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Responsibility for the product and credibility are priorities in our business. This is why we only work with the best in the industry.
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    Founded in 2013 by CHIC Group, it is one of the first institutions in the world and the only one in Europe that specializes in researching e-cigarettes and their impact on human health. The institute has in-house Quality Control labs and R&D facilities.

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    Association founded in 2014, supporting entrepreneurs and the growth of the e-cigarette business. The activity of the eSmoking Association boost the brand's innovations and competitiveness. The association's goal is also to promote current scientific knowledge about e-smoking and e-cigarettes among the general public.

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    eSmoking World

    A network of shops and specialized retail sales points, belonging to CHIC Group; with over 1,200 sales points across Europe this is the world's largest trade network. Also present in the e-commerce market.

We care for every client.

We care for every client.

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We care for every client.

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