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Jesteśmy jednym z największych i najnowocześniejszych zakładów w Europie
produkujących płyny nikotynowe do e-papierosów.

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Nicotine liquids

Branded with the client's trademarks

We offer liquids satisfying TPD, FDA, REACH and CLP requirements, whose top quality is guaranteed by GMP, production management systems, QC labs and the experience of eSmoking Institute professionals. We guarantee confidentiality of cooperation and preliminary talks. We take orders from small retail networks and from market leaders.


Products conforming to legal regulations
in force in the buyer's state

E-cigarettes and liquids for refilling are consumption products related to tobacco goods. Hence they are subject to special legal regulations shaped, among else, by updated EU directive on tobacco products (TPD). That's why we assist our buyers with the process of legalizing the product in the local market. We deliver a complete set of the required documents or we handle the legalization process - at the option of our clients.

Innovative products

Customized to specific orders

We're limited only by your imagination We realize our clients' extraordinary and unique ideas. Our R&D department designs and tests innovative devices and technologies related to e-smoking.


From creation, through the finished product

We supply not only liquids. We understand that product equals brand. That's why we help our clients create their own products. We design packaging for brands and flavor series. Our designs and finished products are subject to consumer tests. That's how our buyers can rest assured that their brand will satisfy the market.

Unique recipes

Available together with chemical analyses

With our comprehensive scientific and technological facilities we design unique recipes for nicotine liquids products. We work together with a group of professional flavor and aroma testers and only use latest gen aromas. We also conduct laboratory test of the composition of liquids and the generated aerosol. The results of these test are attached to the documentation for the delivered products.

We care for every client.

We care for every client.

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We care for every client.

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